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We’re regional and sustainable!

Regionality and sustainability are incredibly important to us here at Hotel Himmelreich – not only when it comes to food, but also in terms of suppliers, tradespeople, and materials. Wherever feasible and financially viable, we use local, nature-friendly materials like wood, glass, or rock wool as insulation. Plastic bottles and packaging are usually avoidable, which is something we also hope our guests will take to heart. It’s better to switch to reusable bottles and containers, and above all not leave anything behind in nature that doesn’t belong there.

Sustainability + cuisine

Healthy and tasty is our motto! Fresh produce that supports the local economy. We prefer to cook with regional specialities and fair-trade products, and the mindful use of consumables is important to us, too. That’s why we ask our guests to only take as much from the buffet as they can realistically eat, as we want to throw away as little as possible.

Sustainability + laundry

We do our laundry ourselves and exclusively use eco-friendly detergents. We only change towels and bed linen when our guests ask us to, and we use a dosing system to ensure systematic use and avoid water pollution. We have bath slippers available, but only hand them out upon request to avoid producing unnecessary waste.

Sustainability + energy

Our hotel’s energy supply is, of course, the greatest challenge. Heat pumps now take care of heating the pool, solar systems provide hot water, and photovoltaic systems supply most of our electricity. Three rainwater tanks ensure that everything around Himmelreich is perfectly supplied. In the future, our main focus will be on generating even more energy to help us become more independent and therefore more environmentally friendly. We ask our guests to help us save electricity and water.